About me

I enthusiastically do a few laps in the "Höhenflug" at the Tripsdrill adventure park

Photo: Michael Fuchs

Hello, my name is Christian Colista

and I am glad that you want to know more about me.

I am a bon vivant, have always been fascinated by amusement parks and zoos and live in Kirchhain in central Hesse.

As a theme park photographer, I take impressive shots that help companies in the leisure and tourism industry to achieve more turnover and success.

This is my story

Although photography has always been my hobby, I first trained as a state-certified curative education nurse. After 18 years, however, the job no longer made me happy, which is why I have now been pursuing photography full-time since 2020.

But one thing at a time...

After completing my vocational baccalaureate with a focus on data processing, I did my civilian service in a residential home for people with mental and physical disabilities. Despite initial reservations, I enjoyed working with these people so much that I decided to train as a state-certified curative education nurse.

Shortly after my apprenticeship, the foundation stone was laid for my photographic career and my part-time job at that time. I was a guest at a wedding where I tried out my new digital SLR camera for the first time. At that time I was still a real layman and many photos were blurred or blurred. But apparently I had taken "better" pictures than the two hired wedding photographers. Unfortunately, I still don't know why. The bride and groom never showed the photos to anyone.

After the wedding, I continued my education in photography and improved my technical skills. Friends and acquaintances had to pose in front of my camera again and again. At some point, word got around that I was a photographer and more and more people and also the first companies became aware of me.

In 2018, I photographed a wedding at Bayern-Park. This was one of my personal highlights as a wedding photographer. At that time, however, I could not even begin to imagine that I would work as a theme park photographer later on...

I have been inspiring people with my pictures for many years now. Besides amusement park photography, I am still active as a wedding photographer, event photographer and advertising photographer.

Here I take photos of the lift hill of the roller coaster "Neck über Kopf" at the Tripsdrill Adventure Park.

Photo: Daniel Göttler

Here you can see me at a bridal couple shooting in the "white water rafting" of the Bayern-Park.

Photo: Alexander Bischoff

How I became a theme park photographer

In 2015, the Tripsdrill Adventure Park was looking for models for new advertising photos via its Facebook page. I was taken on as a model and also took part in the photo shoots in the following years. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, I took my camera with me and was allowed to take photos as a second shooter.

In 2020, I was commissioned by the Tripsdrill Adventure Park to take the official promotional photos of the two new roller coasters "Neck over Head" and "Full Steam". With over 120 models, it was the most elaborate photo shoot I have ever done. For the roller coaster "Neck over Head" I really wanted to have onride shots. The special feature: "Neck over Head" is a roller coaster that hangs below the track. The park's workshop had built a special device according to my specifications, which made it possible to attach an SLR camera in front of the first row. Thus, I was able to capture the entire train and especially the beaming faces of the models by means of a remote shutter release. To my knowledge, this has never been done before in this form, which is why I am incredibly proud of it.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Birger Meierjohann and the Fischer family once again. They let me take part in the photo shoots as a second shooter and entrusted me with the big official photo shoot of the two new roller coasters. In addition, they have repeatedly allowed me to take multi-faceted pictures over the past few years so that I could build up a portfolio as a theme park photographer.

Photo shoot on the "Wild Mouse" in Taunus Wunderland

Photo: Jan Klehr

Here I take a photo of the roller coaster "Karacho" from a riser

Photo: Birger Meierjohann

My successes so far

Even though I am still quite new in the industry, I have already been able to achieve some successes.

As I mentioned earlier, I took the official promotional photos of "Hals über Kopf" and "Volldampf" at the Tripsdrill Adventure Park in 2020. These are used by both the park itself and the manufacturer Vekoma in various advertising media.

In the same year, I also took the official promotional photos of "Hummel Brummel" in Schwaben Park. These are used both by the park itself and by the manufacturer Wiegand in various advertising media.

In 2020, I took new promotional photos of the attractions, the shows and the animals for the Memleben Zoo, which will be used in various print media.

In addition, I have worked countless times for Taunus Wunderland and Barth Schaustellerbetriebe in the last two years. Here I have refreshed the advertising photos of existing attractions and rides and photographed numerous events.

In 2021, I took new promotional photos for LEGOLAND® Deutschland Resort. The pictures will be used on the website and in social media.

Also in 2021, I took press photos of the premiere of the new Flic Flac show and the Affen- und Vogelpark Eckenhagen was also pleased to receive new promotional photos.

In 2022, I took the official Fønix promotional photos for Fårup Sommerland and the manufacturer Vekoma.

Some of my photographs have also been printed in various trade magazines and calendars in recent years, sometimes even as cover images.

Since last year my logo is a registered European trademark and I am a proud member of IAAPA, TEA and VDFU.

My photo is the cover of the 02/2022 issue of International Kirmes & Park Revue
My photo is the cover of the 12/2020 issue of International Kirmes & Park Revue
My photo is the cover of the 07/2020 issue of International Kirmes & Park Revue

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